What is SEO and How It Works?



What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization. Now a question arises. What is SEO? If we talk about SEO, we use it to rank our website or our YouTube videos. If you have created a website you want. If my website should rank at the top, with good traffic on it, its users should increase on our website's top pages, so SEO is very important for that. Some people do this when they create their website, then share its links on WhatsApp and Facebook. And we request people to open our website and add your links to it. So more than 100/200 people will come which will not be of any benefit. If you want to gain traffic on your website, then you have to SEO this website well.

Now here is a question about how to do SEO. I try to explain to you with an example. Like any event that happens in our country as PSL starts. That is, it is a cricket league. So we can create our website looking at this thing. If we use the keyword PSL in it, our website can rank very quickly. We call this process SEO. That is to rank your website on a keyword.

White hat SEO / black hat SEO

White hat SEO

Talk about white-hat SEO. So this means optimizing your website in the right way. That is, the length of the content to be written inside the website should be good, and the content should be written in a proper way, in which the placement of keywords should also be done properly. The content is written in such a way that the crawler can understand it. And which niche is selected. Its content should also be the absolute of this niche. And those who create backlinks without spamming them will be ranked quickly on the website Google.

Black hat SEO

Black hat SEO is what we call SEO of a website in the wrong way. That is, we choose a keyword for the content of our website, but if we use this keyword repeatedly in our content, that is, we use this keyword in every line, then doing this is called black hat SEO. Some people do this as well. Choose your own keyword. But when they use it in the content, they put these keywords with the color background, so that users can't see this keyword, but the crawler gets to know it and it also comes in black hat SEO. The second and main thing that we do is that we duplicate content. This is also a part of black hat SEO. If Google finds out about these hacks, then Google can ban our website at the same time, which can cause us a huge loss.

Types of SEO

On page SEO

When it comes to on-page SEO, the SEO we do on our site grows it. The SEO is in our control. When we build our website. We want our website to rank on Google. Our site is Google-friendly. Whenever someone searches for a query, if it is related to our website, then our site is the first. So all this will be possible only when we do on-page SEO of our site. In on-page SEO, we can optimize our own site URL. You can use rankable keywords in your content. This shows that. On page, SEO is under our control.




Of page SEO

Off-page SEO we call this SEO. What we do not do on our website, but we go to someone else's website and put the URL of our website. We also call it off-page SEO and backlinks. That is, traffic is brought to our website from other's websites. This makes our website grow faster. And by increasing the domain authority, the website grows quickly. If we also share our website on social media, it also increases traffic. And this also comes in off-page SEO.



Top 5 Algorithm 

1.      1) First of all, let's talk about the Panda algorithm. Was published in Feb 2011 Before discussing this further, let me tell you. Before this algorithm, people used to do that they did not write the content themselves, they used to copy it from other sources and use it on their websites. And some people used to duplicate their content. From which the word increases. But since the panda Algorithm is there. So, this work has also been closed. The website that does This website is down-ranked.

2.       2)The second number we talk about. This algorithm of Penguin algorithm was published in 2012. Before that, people used to build backlinks a lot. Before that, there was a policy of Google, whose website had more backlinks, and its website would be ranked quickly. But because of this policy, people started doing link spamming, that is, they used to create a lot of links on one site. Which is why google invented its penguin algorithm. Why can stop these links from spamming? And the site that does this should rank its website down at the same time.

3.      3) Let's talk about the third number, Hamming Bird Algorithm. 2013 to prevent keyword stuffing. Why before that people used a lot of keywords in their content in order to rank their articles. To stop this algorithm was born. Now, if a site does keyword stuffing, then Google downgrades it at the same time.

4.       4)Talking about the fourth number, the rank brain algorithm was born in 2015. Earlier, Google wanted to provide relevant content to users, which was possible only when content writers wrote niche content. But content writers didn't do it like that. Because of this Google had a problem. But this problem was solved by Google by taking out the rank brain algorithm. By finding out whose content is relevant, the site gets ranked. In the same way, those whose content is not relevant, the site will be down-ranked.

5.       5)When it comes to the page experience update algorithm, it is number fifth and it was born in 2021. It is absolutely the latest. With the help of this algorithm, Google ranks those sites which have good load time, in which the content is written according to the niche. Which does not contain keyword stuffing. This kind of site ranks.

What is a keyword?

If we talk about the keyword, if we describe it in a simple definition, then it means the keyword that can tell what this content is about. If we talk about the keyword in SEO then keyword means to rank your blog on a keyword.



Types of keyword

Short tail keyword:

Short tail keywords are those keywords with which we can make general queries. We don't know what we want. Just doing research about this thing. Yes, we type bags, so we are only collecting information about the bag. Don't want it now. Of course, they should go to the bag-making site. It will then go to the bag sale site according to which a SERP will appear in front of it.

Long tail keyword:

If we talk about long tail keywords, then in this case the user knows what he wants, that is, he will do a query search about what he wants. That is, the user will search for the best bag-making company. This means the USER wants to see the procedure of how the bag is made. So, keeping this in mind, Google will come up with a SERP that will have absolute information.

Navigational keyword:

If we talk about this navigational keyword, navigational means direction, that is, those words that have direction. As if we already know which site we have to visit. If someone searches buy shoes on amazon, then the user knows from which site to buy shoes. It contains the amazon navigational keyword.

Commercial Keyword:

Talking about this keyword is related to business. That is, if a user wants to buy something, he will search for this keyword. According to this keyword, he will research now.

Transactional keyword:

If we talk about the transactional keyword, according to this keyword, the user will search the query in which he has to do something. That is, he types the best shoes deal online, so it means that this user has to buy something now. So, Google will take the SERP page in front of it according to its keyword.

Informational keyword:

These are the keywords from which we get any information. These keywords are mostly used in blogging. Like what, why, how, best, etc. As we type. What is digital marketing, according to Google, only those sites will be on the SERP page, which site will have information regarding digital marketing.

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