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Picoworkers Review

Picoworkers is a website on which you can make yourself money by completing small tasks from home. This website includes a variety of tasks such as

 Take a survey

 Write an honest review

 Test an app

 Write an article


These are the types of tasks that can be performed on this website.

Sign up

Firstly, we’ll talk about how to sign up on picoworkers. Write picoworkers.com on your browser, its webpage will appear. On the upper side of this webpage, you will see an option to sign up. A signup page will open, fill in the required information, and you will receive a verification email at your provided email address. Click on this option to complete your account creation process.

How to start work

When you are done signing up, a dashboard will appear. On this page,to  you will see a button find a job, click on this button and multiple jobs will appear. Some of them will be in cents & some will be in dollars. When you open a job option, then related detail will appear in front of you. You can start the work by reading the details.

Note: when sending the work, you also have to send the proof with it. Then you will get your earnings.


Whenever we start working on a website, the very first thing that appears in our mind is how to withdraw our earnings. For that, firstly, come back to the dashboard and click on the button named wallet. After clicking on this button, the withdrawal detail will appear. For this it is important for you to have an account on Skrill or in other case, you can withdraw on PayPal via litcother casesoin. (litcoin is a cryptocurrency)

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