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The online earn portal that I am going to tell about can change your life. In this, you can start online earn well at the very beginning. Your little hard work can make good pocket money and earn a lot. It does not have one method of earn, there are many methods in it. 

It is specially made for students, they need these apps more. If the student works hard on it, he can generate a good income from it. If we talk about the earning method, first of all, you can earn with the help of top offers, invitations, daily tasks, luck prizes, etc. The interesting thing is that you can earn by joining the game lobby. For those who are gamers, there is good news from where they will be able to earn a living.

Account creation process

To download this app, you have to go to the google play store first. You have to go there and search for gemgala, then you will find the app on the top, you have to click on it and install it. After that, it has to be opened. He will ask for some access, he has to give it. 

Then click on start. If you want to create an account, then you have to click on login with existing, some methods will appear in front of you to log in. In this, you will get mobile, and Gmail, these two options, you can sign in with them. 

If you do it from mobile. So, when you click on it, it will ask you for your mobile number, you have to give it and select the country and then click on next. After that there will be an option let's start, click on it, and the information page will open, you have to give some details in it.

No particular detail will be asked in this. First of all, you have told your gender. After that, you have to tell your date of birth. The most important thing is this. Any information you have to give should be completely real. After that, you have to do next. Then you have to select a username. After that click on complete and your account will be created.

There are a few ways you can earn

It has many methods with the help of which we can earn. I will explain the methods by which even a child can earn.

Daily Tasks

If we talk about the daily task, then enough tasks are found in it. In which the first task you get is to upload an avatar. So, you will get his 10 diamonds. Below that you will see more task-ups. Like watching videos, winning the lucky race, winning the lucky box, winning the lucky number, and winning the Ludo game, you will get tasks like this. You will earn on completing them.

Top offers

If we talk about it, there are many methods regarding earning. In it, some apps are provided to you. They have to download according to their requirement. What app do you download? So after that, you will be given absolute information about this app. The complete dashboard of this app will open in front of you. It will tell you what to do on this app that will earn you. You can earn up to 3000 diamonds by downloading an app and fulfilling its requirements.

Lucky Prizes

This is also a wonderful way of earning, in this you have to watch the video from which you will get lucky numbers. Through them, you will get lucky boxes, they will contain diamonds, from which the earnings will go to your wallet.



The invitation method is one of the best methods of earning. By, this we can earn enough in a day. As many people as we will engage in this work and as many people will create an account on it, we will benefit so much. 

If we send a link to a user and create an account, we will get 2000 diamonds. Similarly, if we get 10 to 15 users to join it from our invitation link in one day, then we can earn enough, if we estimate, we can earn 20,000 to 30,000 diamonds. 

If you want to earn enough from this, then there is an easy method for you, that is, join WhatsApp groups in which you are told how to earn. Go to them, share your link, and engage people. People will download it and you will benefit.

Looking at its value, if you earn 10 diamonds, it becomes 0.0010$, you can convert it to a coin if you want.


Whenever we start working on an app, it is the first thing that comes to our mind. Will we be able to withdraw what we are earning? If we talk about this app completely, then you can withdraw your earned money very easily. 

At the top, you will find an option for a wallet, click on it. There will also be a withdrawal option. Click on it and what you have earned will be displayed in front of you. Face verification has to be done before withdrawing this money, it has to be done.

 In this, you can take a withdrawal from 0.2$ to 10$. And to take this withdrawal you must have an Arripay account. Whatever you earn will be transferred to your Arripay account.

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