NGR Energy Investment Earning App


NGR Energy Online Earning 2022 Pakistan

The app I am about to tell you about was launched very recently on 31st December 2021. The number of download of this app are increasing every month, almost 10000 every month.

The earning app ngr energy increase earnings up to level 2. If you invite someone and they further invite someone, the earning will increase. There are two methods of earning on this app:

1. Invitation

2. Investment


Firstly, you have to register yourself. When you open the app, you will see an option to register, provide your required details and click on register now to register yourself.


When you visit your dashboard, you will see an option to share on the 2nd number in the left corner. Click this button and copy the link to share with further people.

Important note: you can earn up to 100000 via invitation.


When you open your app, a dashboard will appear in front of you. On this dashboard, you will see my option on the right corner. Use this option to transfer the amount from your bank account to this app. Once the amount is transferred into your app, you may return to the dashboard and at the middle of the bottom, you will see a button of invest. Click on this button to invest your amount. You can make a healthy earning by this method using ngr energy. Your cashback will be returned every two hours.


When you go to the option of my term you will see an option of wallet, click on this option to add your bank account or Easypaisafor/jazz cash account details. Then return to my term option, then click withdraw to enter the amount you want to withdraw to receive the amount in your provided account.

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