3 Top Websites For Micro Jobs To Earn Money Online


Best Micro Job Sites to Earn Money Online

Micro jobs site They are made for people who want to earn money online something while sitting in their free time. They then do jobs and also want to earn part-time. So this micro jobs site is specially made for those people. Their hard work is less and earnings are more.

M Turk

The website we are going to talk about is a product of Amazon, that is, it is a branch of Amazon and this is a micro job site. Which you can make Your earnings by working simply. This website is actually for people who are new to freelancing. This website is also for those who want to earn by sitting at home. A starting person can easily learn freelancing with the help of this website.

You will find many interesting works on this micro job website. You will be given a pic from which you will have to understand some things and clear it and tell what things are in it. Secondly, they can give you audio which you just have to understand and write, it can be in any language. Sometimes the computer can't understand some things, so a human does it manually.

How to create an account on m truck

When you search M Turk on Google, you will see the micro job website of M Turk, a product of Amazon. If we talk about the security of this website, it is in front of you that this website is very secure because of Amazon.

When you open this site, you must analyze it completely and read it once. Some important instructions must be read. It should not be a problem when you start working.

First of all, when you open the site, you have to create an account on it. When you start creating your account, why should you create your account as a worker? As a requester means that you will give work to people, that is, you will ask people to do your work. And as a worker means you will take work from people, you will complete the work and you will take money from them.

When you click on as a worker, you will be asked for your amazon account, i.e. the account with which you are shopping is the account you have to put here. If you have not created an account, click on create an account and create a new account.

When your account will be created, after that you will have to give more details.

1.      First of all, you have to select the country which country you are from. After that, you have to give your full name. After giving these two things, it is necessary that you have to give your address and you have to give your real address. Some people give the wrong address. Which later becomes a lot of problems. That's why any detail wherever you give it should be completely real so that it doesn't become a problem later.

2.      In the second place, you have to give the name of your city, and along with that, you have to tell the name of the province in which you live. This is also important. When you give these two things. So after that, you have to give the zip code of your city which is very important to give while creating an account. And you mustn't forget your mobile number.

3.      After doing all these things, it will ask you some questions, out of which it will ask you where you are on our site. That is, where did you hear about us? And on the second number, it will ask you why you want to work and for what reason you are starting work, then when you answer all these questions, you have to click on create an account, which will create your account.

4.      But not fully made yet, will give you some days. That is, 3 to 4 days will be given, after that when the account is approved, you will be able to start working.

5.      The interesting thing is that you can earn something even before the account is approved. It will be an option on the menu in front of you like this, there will be a button on it hits, and you have to click on it. From which some work will be done in front of you. But this means that their earnings will be less. But in your free time, you will be able to earn something. That's why you want to earn from it.


Click Worker

If you want to earn by sitting at home in 2022, click worker is the best for you. In this, you earn in euros. You get up to 4.50 euros for completing a task. This App is powered by AI. This app is a very powerful app from which you can make a good amount.

The website that I am going to tell you about is not only a website but also a click worker app, with the help of which you can work on your mobile as well, for those people who cannot afford a computer or a laptop, this app is the best for them. You can buy your laptop by earning with the help of and can earn more.

Now we will talk about how to create an account. If you create an account keeping these steps in mind, you will not have any difficulty. You will be able to create an account easily.

1.       First of all, you have to go to click worker site. When you land on this page. There will be an option to register in front of you, you have to click on it, after that some options will appear in front of you, and out of them you have to click on (REGISTER NOW ITS FOR FREE OF CHARGE). This will take you to a new page.

2.       When you come to the new page, you have to select your account. Whichever country you select, you have to give your details. First of all, you have to select Mr./Mrs. if you are a boy then you have to select your Mr. if you are a girl then you have to select Mrs. Along with this, next you have to select the title of your account, when the title of the account is selected, then select the first name and last name, which is necessary. After that, you have to put your company name. You have to tell your date of birth along with your name. This will submit your details.

3.       When you give your details, after that you have to give your very important address. In the address, first, you have to give your street address, and after, that you have to give your zip code, city, and state. By giving this, your address will be completely submitted.

4.       Along with this you have to give your email below. When you give your email, you will have to take the same email again for confirmation, with which your email will also be submitted.

5.       When you submit your email, you will have to provide your login details. You have to select your login name, then you have to give a password twice which is necessary. Along with this, below you will get the option to select a time zone. You have to set your time. And next, you have to check on agree after that you have to click on sign up. From which the account will be created.

When you give all these details and click on sign up, after that you will get a message by clicking on this message. Your account will be fully verified. After that, you will be able to start your earnings.


Talking about this site, this website is very good for part-time. In this, if we complete the project, we can get from 100$ to 50$. This site has given jobs to thousands of people so far. If you apply, you will get jobs within 15 days. No degree is required for this. These jobs can be done even by those who have not studied even a single class. In this, you will have to pass a test. With the help of this, you can get a job very easily.

When you go to this site, the first thing you will see is the slogan in which it is written that you only have to share your knowledge and you will easily earn dollars. If you scroll down, you will see the salary of jobs.

You can see how much salary will be paid to you. Whatever skill suits you, you can earn it by applying it.

1.    1)   When you open the site, there will be a sign-up button in front of you, click on it and you will be able to create your account. First, you have to give your first name and then you have to give your last name. With that, you have to give your email and click on create an account. Then another page will open in front of you.

2.     2)  As soon as you come to the second page, you will be asked for your password to become your password so that you can protect your account later. Along with giving the password, you have to give your mobile number. It is necessary to go, except for this account cannot be created. When you give your number, then you will have to give your date of birth, after that you will click on the continue button, which will take you to the next step.

3.     3)  You will get an OTP on the number you gave, you have to submit it. As soon as you submit, more settings will appear in front of you. First, you have to give your gender then you have to answer some questions. Then continue.

4.     4) As you continue, more settings are opened in front of you. WhichYou you have to give the location first. After that, it will ask you some more questions about employment, which must be answered. When you answer the questions, then you will have to tell me about your payment and that you should deposit my salary in this account of mine. As soon as you add your payment method, then after that, you will see a message about the code of conduct. There will be a complete button under it, if you click on it, your account will be created completely.

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