How To Make Money With Google AdSense



We will talk about AdSense, and what is AdSense. Actually, AdSense is a Google product. The full name of which is Google AdSense. We can earn online with google AdSense. He likes to google AdSense our YouTube videos and then runs his ads on the website. And all our users who come to our channel and website click on them and give us earnings according to their impressions.

Before working on google AdSense, it is necessary that we have a YouTube channel and then a website on which we can apply and earn.

You Tube

If we talk about YouTube, after 1k subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time are completed on our YouTube channel, it becomes necessary to apply for AdSense, if you don't create an account, your earnings will not start. YouTube earnings are not shown on the AdSense dashboard. If you want to see earnings, then you have an option on YouTube, the performance will be shown there.

Now a question arises here. When will our account be verified? When will the earnings start and when will we be able to withdraw?

When 10$ is completed on your google AdSense, you will get a pin verification, which will be sent to the address you have given at your home. In this way, you will get the pin 3 to 4 times, when you complete it, after that, you have to verify your id card again with the driving license.

Whatever information Google AdSense asks you, give them real information so that when your verification is complete, your earnings can start quickly and you can get it on time. If you give this detail wrong, many problems can arise.


When you are fully verified. After that, if you want to withdraw your earnings, then you need to have $100, then you will be able to withdraw. But after that, they will ask you which you will earn. For example, in the bank account, then in western union, if you want to take it in western union, then they will send you a pin, with the help of which you will be able to withdraw your amount from any bank. If you don't want to order after doing these two things, then you can also order your cheque on the third number.


We have created our own website and we are blogging on it. It is important that whatever content we write, the content should be real and keyword stuffing should not be done in this content. If you have to contact us, privacy policy, about us, terms and conditions, and sitemap pages on your website, then you can get AdSense approval quickly.


Step by Step create an account on Google AdSense

When we go to the Google AdSense site to create an account, when we click on the site, it will first ask us for Gmail, we have to give it, and by doing this, our first step will be completed.

You may want to not use an old Gmail account when you sign up for AdSense. Create a new Gmail, because of which there will be no problem going forward.

After your Gmail account is successfully submitted, it will ask you for some information.

1.      First of all, he will ask you for your website, that is, through which you have to earn. If there is a website, then you can give it at the same time, otherwise, you can give it later. If you are in the field of blogging, then you have to submit your website because ads will run on Google's site with the help of AdSense, which will earn you money.

2.      After that you will see the option below (Get more out of AdSense) In this section you have to select the first option which is necessary.

3.      After doing this, you have to select your country, that is, the country where you live and where you are applying from. When you select it, there will be some terms and conditions in front of you, read them carefully and make sure that your account will be fully activated.

When your account is created, you will have three options in front of you. The first option is to complete your profile. You have to give information in it. After completing your profile, you will need to add your site. If you want to submit your site for AdSense. When you submit your site, you will get an HTML code within two to three days which you have to put in your blogger / WordPress.

When you put the HTML code, then another option will open. In this option, you have to set the location of the ads. Which will run ads on your site. But ads won't work now, your site will go for approval.

After completing these two tasks, you will have a third option. But you will not be able to work on it, it will send you a message that your site has been approved, otherwise, if it is not approved, then you can send your site for review again with the help of this option.

On the dashboard of google AdSense, you will get a payment option in which you will get two more options. The first option is payment info in which you will get info about the transaction. That is, when you get AdSense approval, you have to complete 100$ after that you will be able to withdraw. This information is also present in it. The second number will get an option verification check in which you have to give your personal details from which you can withdraw your amount.



Let's talk about the report option which is in google AdSense, it will give you information regarding earnings, and how much you have earned in a day. You will get all the information about how much you earn in a day. In this, the pages of the website are also analyzed, and how many clicks or impressions, etc. are received on it. Similarly, you get an option of sites. In this option, you are told how many of your websites are attached to AdSense and how many sites are ready on which ads are running. And how many sites are pending to get approval.

How to get AdSense approval

People are now asking a lot that we should take the AdSense approval case. I am going to tell you how to get AdSense approval. So, it is not difficult to take it, you just have to follow these steps. From this, you will be able to get AdSense approval very easily. What I am going to tell you will be used on both platforms blogger / WordPress.

1.      The first thing that is important is that you have to buy a top-level domain .in .org .in. Some people run after a free domain, it is actually a subdomain, and they have a 50 percent chance of getting AdSense approval. You should buy a good domain. On which it is easy to get AdSense promotion.

2.      When you buy the domain, after that you have to set up your site. If you set up your site on WordPress, then use the colormag theme. Then you set up your site on blogger. Use is notable. By doing this you can get AdSense approval quickly. If you take AdSense approval from a blogger. So, you can only take it once, if you do it a second time, it will give you an AdSense error. You can get multiple AdSense approval on WordPress.

3.      After that you have to buy good hosting if you don't get good hosting then I will recommend you Hostinger you get very good deals on it which you can use to set up your site.

4.      After getting the hosting, the most important thing is to create the menu. Some people don't create it, which leads to frequent navigational errors. Add you’re important pages to it. And along with this, about us, contact us, privacy policy, these three pages are very important. Remember that categories or important pages should be added to your menu. From this, you will not have any problem getting AdSense approval.

5.      First you need to add at least 6 categories. More than that is good. But at least 6 should be mandatory. When you write an article, it must be at least 1000 words, make it more than that, but don't go less than that. And try to write the article by yourself and copy the copy because the chance of AdSense approval decreases. Before applying on AdSense, you must have at least 20 to 25 articles published. Create the image you will use yourself. Do not copy from google. If you do it yourself, you have a 99% chance of getting approved.

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