How To Earn Money Online 2022 By Webtalk App

Earn Money Online

This earn money online is specifically for those people who have the responsibility of their house on their shoulders. From this app, you can earn money online. This app is called web talk. You can make four types of income from this app.

Important instructions:

1) The name of this app is web talk. It is very similar to Facebook.

2) Five-level earnings can be made from this app. This means if you invite someone, you will earn. And if they further invite someone, your earnings will also increase up to level 5.

3) An important point is that you will earn to level 5 if you are a pro. If you are not a pro and send the invitation link to someone pro then you will also earn.


You can earn in four ways

1) Posting of pictures

2) Like, share & comment on posts of others

3) Invitation codes

4) Watching adds



You have to join via link otherwise you cannot create an account on this app. when you go to the signup page you have to provide the necessary details like name, email, etc. then you will be asked some questions, and answer them completely. Lastly, enter the activation code that you received on your email address in the activation box to complete the signup process. Then you have to complete some of the important profiles.

Important step

When you complete the signup process, you must do this step. Click on your profile picture and complete a three-step process. Click on the option of reward, this will give open your reward and you will get $5.

How to post a video

When you are on your dashboard, you will see an option plus sign. From this option, you can post anything. You can also use this option to post the link to any YouTube video.

After that, you have to watch ads to make some earnings. A single ad requires you to stay for about 20 seconds to ensure your earnings.


When you go on your profile page, you will see an option to get a referral. From here, you can copy the link and share it further to increase your earnings. You can share this link via Gmail.


Go to your dashboard. Then select payment, you can withdraw your money using PayPal or a Payoneer account. You must have a minimum of $100 to withdraw. Your amount will automatically be transferred to your Payoneer account every 28th of the month from which you can transfer it further to your Easypaisa/jazz cash accounts.

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