Earn Money Online using Maxclerk App Step by Step


Earn Money Online using Maxclerk

If you start working on this site, you will earn money online in dollars. There are many great ways of earning on this site. It has this opportunity and can earn money online by completing Surveys on it. You can also earn by logging in to it, as well as by creating accounts. The good thing is that you can also earn by going to YouTube and subscribing. On which sites earn from rubble and dollars. They never close the site because they promote their site by creating big companies on this site.

Whoever works on this site, we have to send them the proof, which they see, and transfer the earnings to our account. Like when we get a task to subscribe to this channel when we subscribe to this channel, we have to take a screenshot and send it to them.

Create an account on Maxclerk

Go to google and search Maxclerk. This site should be opened. On the top corner of the site, you will see the signup option, click on it. As soon as you click on the signup, you will be landed on the signup page. Two categories will be found on it. Freelancer and Employer If you want people to do your work, then create an account with a freelancer, if you want to earn by doing the work of people, then create an account with the employer.

Whichever category you will select, then the next step will be to give your details. In this detail, you have to give your name, phone number, email address, etc. After that select the country and after that fill in the captcha. After filling in the captcha, you have to submit the details. That is to click on signup. After that, a verification message will appear on the mail you have given, you have to verify it. As soon as you click on this msg. which arrived in the mailbox. At the same time, the account will be verified.

Start working

After the account is created, its dashboard will open. There are some settings to be made on this dashboard. On the same page, the first option will be to select the country in which country you want to complete the jobs. But the good thing is that you select worldwide. It will provide you with enough jobs. After that, the second option is the job title, in which you can put your title. On the third place, what kind of category would you like to work on? Select your project from among them and work on it.

Best Category for him

Let me explain about the category, select the one you like, and start your work. First of all, there is an option for all jobs, in which you will be given many types of tasks and you will be able to earn by completing them. On the second number, you will get the option of Gmail, in which you have to create a Gmail account. Freelancer will provide you with the name you want to create. In the third place, you get the option of surveys, in which there are quite simple tasks that have to be completed and you can earn enough by completing them. You will get an option on the fourth number. In which you have to review people's posts. And you will earn from it too. The interesting thing is that it also has a category in which people earn by subscribing to the YouTube channel.


Some jobs in it are not made for their country and cannot work them. When we complete any task, we have to send its proof to the freelancer, and they ask for its proof. Some of which ask for screenshots. And some ask for text etc. This must be given. After that, the earnings will be transferred to the account.


Micro Jobs

On this site, you will also get an option of a micro job, in which the freelancer will give you some simple or micro tasks and you will earn even after completing them. These micro tasks contain very simple tasks. In this too, you are asked to like someone's post, and then to follow someone, you get some tasks like this. Of which we have enough earnings.

Create gigs and take gigs

On this site, we can create our gigs and place them. Those who do not know the concept of gigs. Gigs are an application forum setup in which we give our complete details. That detail is not a self-base in which we define our skills. Seeing what kind of work, we can do, people get work from us and give us earnings. We can also get people to work on it. For the work that is not done by us, we contact them and pay them. This makes them work for us.

Earn with referral and get withdrawal

The referral program is one such program. Which we have to generate a link once and then after that we will be able to do lifetime earnings with the help of this link. Any account will be created with the help of this link. We will have to earn it. If we share it in WhatsApp groups and engage people, create an account on this site. It will benefit us as many users as we can. Talking about its option, when you open the site, you will see a picture box on the top, click on it, then you will see some options, one of which will be for referral, click on it. and you will be able to generate referral links from there.

It is not difficult to withdraw in them, you will see the pic option on the top, you have to click on it and after that many options will appear, there is also an option to withdraw, you have to click on it. You will have a withdrawal dashboard. The fun thing about it is that you will get withdrawn dollars. And it has not one but four to five methods to withdraw. Will be able to withdraw from Payoneer, Skrill, PayPal, bitcoin, etc. These are secure methods with the help of which you will be able to withdraw easily.

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