Top 3 Earn Money Online Skills You Should Learn in 2022


Earn Money Online Skills

Graphic Designing

In today's era, the demand for graphic design is increasing. Why graphic designing skills is increasing on a daily basis? If a person starts his business, first of all, he needs a graphic designer, if he is starting a clothing shop, then he needs a banner. So only graphic designers can do it. Be it the police or the army, they all need a graphic designer.

These are the software that we can work on and learn to become good designers and by working hard on them we can start our earnings.

1.      Adobe Photoshop

2.      Adobe Illustrator

3.      Adobe XD

Adobe Photoshop:

Talking about Photoshop is a raster-based software. That is pixel base. We use this software to edit any photo. That is, if you want your pic to not have a background, you can edit your image with the help of photoshop. If you have any dots on your face, you can easily remove the dots from your face with the help of photoshop. This is layer-based software, which means you can edit the image by working on the layers. And you can do more editing on any image.

Adobe Illustrator:

Illustrator is a vector-based software with the help of which you can create many vector base objects. It is mostly used to create logos. Its main advantage is that even if you make the image smaller, the pixels of your image do not explode. With the help of this software, we can make banners, cards, wedding cards, infographics, business cards, etc.

Adobe XD:

Talking about Adobe XD is a very powerful tool with the help of which we create UX and UI design. Now some people may not know about it. Let's talk about it first, let's talk about UI and UX, so let me explain to you with an example. Think UI is the outer part of the mobile phone which you hold in your hand. And if we talk about UX, it means the inner part of the mobile. That is, apps, etc. inside the mobile. With its help, you can create prototypes of websites and mobile apps.

Content Writing

You will now know what content writing actually is. When talking about content writing, content means a select topic, and writing means writing on a select topic. And the one who does content writing is called a content writer. You search on Google how to buy shoes, then Google will bring many pages in front of you, in which you will see many websites, whichever site you open, you will find something written on it. Related to the item you searched for. So, this article must have been written by someone. And he will be earning money from it.

how to make a content writer

1.      The most important thing is that you should have writing skills

2.      Secondly you should have knowledge about anything. And you can earn as a content writer by sharing the knowledge you have.

3.      The third and final method. You should learn the English language completely. With the help of this, you can become a content writer and earn.

By using these three methods and learning them, working on them, and making a good grip, you can earn very well with the help of this skill.

Ways of content writing

1.      Create a website and write articles on it, i.e. write blogs. If you start blogging and take care of the niche you are writing on, then all the articles should be in accordance with this niche. Due to this, your site will get approved quickly. Ads will also start running on it. And when people come to this site. If you click on these ads, you will earn with its help.

2.      If you are for another big site. Do blogging. So, she will pay for the site with Word. And some sites apply fixed salaries. And some sites provide permanent jobs and then they publish articles. With the help of this, you can make a good amount.

3.      The most important method is freelancing with the help of which you can earn. In this method, you have to visit any freelancing site. You have to create your account on this site. Create an account and share your experience. How are you a content writer? In other words, you have to tell yourself how much English you speak. What good knowledge to tell about all these things, the user who will like your gig will give you work to complete my work.

Web Development

If we talk about web development, we can treat it with enough methods. That is, with its help, we can create our own site. From which you will be able to earn later by working hard on it. Then we can get a job in a company with his help. We will be able to start our earnings by freelancing with his help.

Before reading further, discuss the first of its two main types, frontend, and backend.

Definition: -

Frontend: In frontend web development, that part is called the outer part. That is, you watch every video on YouTube. And what you see is the front end in front of you.

Backend: The backend is that part. Which is the inner part. That is, there is a clock, and the face of it shows the time. But which will be processed inside it. With the help of which the clock was telling the time. We call it the backend.





If you want to become a developer, you must first learn about Frontend. Actually, Frontend has (Html, CSS, and JavaScript) in it.


HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. Actually, when you open the website. And when you look at it from the outside, its skeleton is called HTML.


When you have created the skeleton from HTML and you want what should be the color of the button we want to put on the website, then we create a menu, what should be its color? All these things are possible with CSS, you can decorate your website with CSS. You see the biggest site, it looks very good to you. So, it looks good on you, it has a lot of things added with the help of CSS. By which the user interacts.


When your site is built using HTML or CSS, then JavaScript comes into play. But before explaining JavaScript I want to tell you an example. When you go to a car manufacturing company and see how a car is made, first a skeleton of the car is made, and then it is colored. When these two things are done, finally it comes to running. For this, we have to prepare an engine so that our car can run on the road. Similarly, when we create a site with the help of HTML or CSS, JavaScript is required to run it. JavaScript is the engine of the site, how should our site run?


If you want to become a pro-level developer, you will have to learn some backend tools and software that go into it (NodeJS (JavaScript) +MongoDB, Django (Python)+SQLite, PHP, JAVA, etc.

1- NodeJS (JavaScript) +MongoDB:

If you see we learned JavaScript to create the Frontend of the site. From this, we can also create the backend. And java script also has a run time environment which we call NodeJS. When you use NodeJS for the backend, you have to learn about a database that people know about MongoDB. If you look at the environment of the website, it has three main steps. In which (Frontend, Backend, and Database) are done. We say the frontend is the outer part of the site and the backend we say the inner part of the site and the database is a server in which if someone visits our site and buys something, all his information is stored in a server.




2- Django (Python)+SQLite

Secondly, you should learn python, this language is also very popular nowadays if you want to work with it. So, do that with Django. While working on it, you should use the database SQLite, this database is also very amazing.

3- Php, Java

PHP will be very old which is being used by the old site that is running. But now those who are building a new site are not using it. Java is also an option, if we want to use it, we can do it, if not, then don't do it. If you are a beginner then you should not do it. Why you have already learned JavaScript for frontend? You don't need to experiment anymore. If you are a beginner.

If you want to become a full stack developer, then you have to learn (Frontend, Backend, and, Database). You have to spend at least 2 months on the frontend. You have to spend 4 to 5 months on the backend and similarly, if you spend 1 to 1.5 months on the database, you can become a good developer. If you do more research on all these things. If you analyze them, no one will be able to stop you from becoming a full stack developer.

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