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How to Earn Money Online in Pakistan

The wait is over for the people who wanted an app on the play store to earn from home. Three different types of earning can be made via this app. The first one is by watching ads, then comes where you can upload your picture & increase your earnings as your number of likes increases. Lastly, we can say invitation, you can earn a useful income through this as well.

You can have three types of earnings

1. Watch adds

2. Upload the image

3. Invitation


Watch adds

First of all, we have to download this app from the play store, then open it. It will ask for our phone number. After giving the phone number, a verification code will be received, and input that code. After that, you will have to input another code which is ( ). Once you complete this, a dashboard will appear in front of you. If you complete your profile, you will get 20Rs.

You can watch the pending ad to increase your earnings. This option can be found in the right corner of your dashboard.

Upload image

In this second way of earning, you can increase your earnings by uploading your pictures. At the bottom of your dashboard, you will see an option for plus. This option can be availed to upload your image. Your earnings will increase with the number of likes on the picture.


This is a very easy way of earning. You will share the link & all the accounts created through that link will increase your earnings. First of all, you will have to come to the dashboard, click the two dots, and an option of the invite will appear, from here, you can share the link & increase your earnings.

At last, we will discuss the withdrawal procedure.


Whenever a new app is introduced in the market, its withdrawal problem is not 100% because it will affect its rating. This app is only 3 months old, that’s why it does not have any withdrawal problems You can withdraw from JazzCash & Easypaisa as well. Firstly, go to the dashboard, click on two dots, and n option of cashout will appear, you can withdraw from this option. This is a very easy withdrawal method. You cannot withdraw money until you have at least 100Rs in your account.

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