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Earn Money

Today I am here with an amazing app for you if you want to earn money by just watching ads then you have landed on the right plate form and now you don’t need to go anywhere else. It is a total of three types i.e., “free watch ads”, “paid watch ads” and lastly you can earn money by “sending invitations”.

·         Free Watch adds

·         Paid Watch adds

·         Sending Invitation


1.       Free Watch Adds:

Firstly, we will discuss earning by “free watch adds” before doing this go to your  “Google Play store” search for “Handy cash” and hit the download button when it’s completed open the app, and register yourself which is free.

During registration, you will find a “Unplinner Box” fill this code (a24564) and proceed. After your registration, you need to log in to the app using the same credential at the same time of registration.

After login, you will find the dashboard on the left top corner you can see two options i.e., “Free Task” and “Paid Task” these will help you increase your earnings.

When you click on “Free Book” add will appear and you will need to wait for just 10 sec after that a blue ribbon will appear to click on it and you will start gathering Dollars and if you click on paid you will get more Dollars and will be rich in days.


2.       Paid Watch App

Now we will converse “Paid Watch APP “ this can help you to earn 15$ in just 5 days,  you need to pay this app by just 3$ Which will increase your earnings.

You can use your earned money to get your app paid just earn 3$ four easy from an app and deposit it in your Easypaisa account and you can pay your app by using 3$

3.       Invitation:

This is the third way of earning real dollars on this app when you log in to your app you can find the option “My Team” when you click on this button two more buttons will appear “Left Leg Team” and “Right Leg Team”. If you want to invite the room “Left Leg Team” and your team member sign up with your invitation code you will get 1$. Like previous if you send an invitation using “Right Leg Team” to 3 people and they are paid you will get double the reward i.e., 6$


Now we will discuss how to withdraw your money you’re an app, Which is normally the biggest difficulty of apps on the play store, but not in this app you can withdraw your money using “Easypaisa” or “JazzCash” which is a simple and easy process.

To Withdraw your money, you can see the “Withdraw” button on top of your dashboard just click that button and you can easily withdraw your money from there

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